NSGW Redwood 66 | golden smiles
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Golden Smiles

Founded in 1953, this fund is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to helping children who are born with a cleft palate or other cranio-facial birth defects.

2014 Cleft Palate March Raises $130,754

The Directors of the Native Sons of the Golden West Charitable Foundation wish to thank all the parlors, brothers and individuals who donated.

Today, the Native Sons Charitable Foundation annually contributes approximately $200,000 to hospitals that treat children with cleft palates and other forms of cranio-facial anomaly.


Typically, about one-half of that amount goes to UCSF, the original recipient; almost 30% goes to St. John’s hospital/health center in Santa Monica; and 20% goes to Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. From time to time, additional donations have been made to other hospitals that also work in this field of endeavor.